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I have spent the last 8 years building an environment to support a SaaS company servicing some of the largest enterprises in the US. This includes building out the virtualized high availability clustering, the intrusion detection system, the monitoring systems, and the tested disaster recovery system.  The system has been delivered under budget, and has consistently delivered better than the 99.95% SLA contractually required by our customers.


While my technical skills are my primary tool, my ability to communicate with both technical, and non-technical people, combined with problem solving based around business requirements rather than technical preferences, has led to my job expending into pre-sales roles, vendor management, and customer consulting projects.


I believe my broad range of experiences in different environments, from academia, to startup, to enterprise, has given me the ability to deal with solutions that scale to the needs to of the business, rather than being locked into the mindset of one corporate culture.  I believe this has also kept me from falling into the ‘IT vs. Business users’ mindset prevalent in many companies, as I have always worked across departmental barriers to do what is needed.


I think my resume does a good job of showing my diversity, and skills, but I would appreciate an opportunity to speak to hiring decision makers in person to really show why I am more than just a list of skills, no matter how well that lists fits a search criteria.